Since its establishment in 2004, isonaturelle®, has committed herself to help support people achieve enhanced safety and comfort in the living spaces by demonstrating utmost focus on the complete and proper insulation of buildings against heat, cold, water, sound as well as fire.


We manufacture Lightweight Thermal Insulation Materials in our plants in Istanbul and İzmir & market them to various customers in and outside Turkey.


Among the products in portfolio, lies Lightweight Plasters to be used on interior and exterior walls, Satin Plaster to obtain a super-finish on interior & exterior walls, in addition to Lightweight Alum.


The vision of isonaturelle® is to contribute to the awareness concerning the use and preference of new generation eco-friendly insulation materials which demonstrate superior characteristics & provide significantly better performance over the long run in comparison to conventional insulation materials such as EPS, XPS, Rockwool etc  




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